Monday, March 17, 2008

Use the media to further a Free Tibet

Dear Friends,

Many news stations around the world are allowing people the opportunity to comment on the current Tibetan crisis, one such new channel is Sky News (,,30200-1309494,00.html#comments) where people can add comments! I am certain many other media bodies are doing the same, use this as an opportunity to show your support for the people of Tibet! Raise your voices, spread the word!

My post -

I am appalled at the response of the West on the Tibetan crisis. In fact the response of the West to China is similar to there response to Nazi Germany although China has commited far worse crimes! How can any civilised nation condone the genocide, forced abortions and countless human rights abuses that China continues to inflict on its minorities? Where are the emergency UN Security Council resolutions? Where are the boycotts of the Olympic Games? Does economic trade and foreign relations with China count more than the lives of fellow human beings? Tibet has and always will be an independent nation, the spirit of the Tibetan people cannot be broken by the brute force of an invader nation! Sadly, the Tibetan nation cannot count on the West, its fight does not bring oil or other spoils, this is the shame of those who continue to remain silent their greed is exposed! Long live Tibet, Long live the Dalai Lama!


Thanks for your support and spread the word about Voice for Tibet.

Tashi Deleks


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