Sunday, March 16, 2008

Show support for Tibetans protesting inside Tibet

Contact your local government officials; call for UN intervention in Tibet and demand the International Olympic Committee withdraw Tibet from China's Torch relay.

While the international public and media have been appropriately horrified by China's clampdown, it is imperative that our national governments speak out in support for Tibet and condemn China's actions. Please call and write to your Elected Representatives and urge them to push their governments to strongly condemn China's crackdown in Tibet. For a sample letter, click here. Click here to send a message to your U.S. Congressional Representative. Click here for contact information for Canadian Members of Parliment. Click here for contact information for British Members of Parliment. Click here to urge the International Olympic Committee to remove Tibet from China's official Torch relay route now and to speak up publicly about the situation in Tibet. For updates on the situation inside Tibet, please visit the SFT blog: To see the latest photos from Lhasa protests,click here. For a media roundup of the global protests, click here.

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