Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Athlete’s for Tibet – Stand Up, Be Proud!

As the 2008 Olympic Games fast approaches the reality of Tibet and its plight deepens and I am left feeling increasingly ashamed of the muted response that the Tibetan cause has received from the leaders of government, political organisations and other sectors in my country, South Africa.

It really irks me as a young South African to note that after more than a decade into our new democracy so many South Africans have forgotten or conviniently ignore our nation's past, a past that will forever be stained by the tyranny and abomination of apartheid that dispicable system that at it's core sought to dehumanise our fellow countrymen simply because of the colour of their skins by denying their person, heritage and inherent rights.

I find it a disgrace that as a nation we can simply ignore the plight of people of suffer as we did, if not worse, and I am left wondering whether there is one athelete in South Africa with the courage and conviction to stand up, be proud and to raise his or her voice for another nation, one that has no voice, once that is crushed and oppressed.

During the height of apartheid our country could not participate in sport due to sanctions sadly the strength of China as an economic partner will never see this country experience the same international segregation that our nation, I therefore call on all the South African athlete's especially those who will go to the Olympic Games to carry with them an appreciation for our own liberation as a nation, to remember the strength that sports holds in our country and in the rest of the world, and for them to stand up, be proud and make a difference.


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